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Participation in international scientific conferences as of Jan 2013::
Council on  Basic Cardiovascular
Sciences dinner and business
meeting and talk Nov 2005
NSFA 2005, Biarritz, France
AHA meeting New Orleans, Louisiana, 2004
During NSFA meeting (Biarritz, France, 2003)
Biarritz by night  (France, 2004)
AHA meeting Orlando, Florida, 2003
Dr Merched chairman of Lipid & Atherosclerosis Session ICC China
Dr Merched with colleagues at opening ceremony BIT ICC China
Dr Merched's talk at BIT ICC China
Temple in Hongzhou China by Dr Aksam Merched
Shanghai by night by Dr Aksam Merched
BIT's 1st Annual International Congress of Cardiology. December 5-7, 2009  Shanghai, China
Dr Aksam Merched's talk in AHA meeting in Chicago
Dr Aksam Merched's talk in Personalized Medicine meeting in Santorini
Santorini Greece 2010
Dr Aksam Merched's talk in Drug discovery meeting in Dubai
ICDDT Dubai 2011
Dr Aksam Merched's talk in Cardiology Congress in Vancouver
Vancouver,  2011
Boston, 2012