After a Ph.D. in Clinical Biochemistry in France, I did 5 years
postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine in Larry Chan’s group.
Then after I was appointed as Assistant Professor at Baylor
leading a research group studying lipid metabolism targeting the
liver in hyperlipidemia, lipid bioactive mediators, the resolution
of inflammation, autoimmunity and atherosclerosis. In 2013, I
started my full Professor position at the Pharmacy School of the
University of Bordeaux, France. Since then, I am leading the
academic laboratory of Cell Biology in Pharmacy. In parallel, I am
co-leading the miRCade research team at the INSERM U1035.

At the academic level, I am teaching many undergraduate and
graduate courses for medical and pharmacy students in
Bordeaux mainly in molecular, cellular biology biochemistry and
biotechnology applied to biomedical and biopharmaceutical
sciences. Courses are either in English or in French.
My research group projects at the INSERM are aiming at
understanding the interplay between liver metabolic defects,
the resolution of inflammation and immunosuppression in the
context of liver oncogenesis.
Professor of Cellular Biology
Pharmacy School, University of Bordeaux,
and INSERM10
35, Bordeaux France

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Professor Merched
Aksam J. Merched, PhD, HDR, FAHA